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Interested in music lessons?

I believe I best serve students whose musical goals include: bridging classical training to modern playing, learning how to effectively improvise, using advanced saxophone techniques, improving knowledge of music genres and styles, learning to play multiple instruments, and studying modern music theory.

My students must possess ability and desire to focus on the skills that impact music including: self-discipline, time management, self-critique, emotional and artistic development, fundamentals in technique, theory, history, and ear training.

I 've spent the past 30 years performing, teaching, giving lessons, workshops, adjudicating, clinics, working with hundreds of students ages 5-90 and providing elementary school through college level instruction and beyond.


Lessons are an excellent tool to improve personal practice. Successful students practice willingly, frequently, and maintain balance between music studies and life's other commitments.

Are you ready to invest in your musical future? Let's get started!

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