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The Great Experiment

An example of my compositions.  My good friend Miguel from The Porcupine Media shot a great video of our rehearsal. 

The all improve Seattle collective.  Love this band!  Exploring jazz improvisation in a pop/modern/funk form.  I love it when listeners come to the realization we are improvising each song.  Creating a song they have never heard and will never hear again.  All night!  Things familiar, yet new and unknown. 


Band-centric original music with a positive message, and stellar jams. It's as fun as it looks..... 

Irie times indeed!  

 "High Ceiling is adventurously toeing the line between the Reggae and Jam-Band worlds. Their innovative take on fusion music has found a true base in the Pacific Northwest." 

            - Nicholas Harris, Groundation

“Easy flowing reggae escapades that ascend into effervescent jams and rootsy rock anthems. Fundamentally joyful, this Washington act lyrically takes time to delve into socio/political topics of relevance.”

            - Andrew Frey, Maximum Ink Music Magazine

"Every note they play make one feel better"     

- Far I, Culture Yard

From Dan Tyack's series "Stone Soup Presents".    Stone Soup is a Sunday house band at Olympia's Rhythm and Rye.  Players come play!

Exploring the groove in a one chord jam.
Here was our Sunday church song...

My good buddy Adam Snyder.  We met in college and have been friends ever since.  He owns a studio company called Electric Eel Productions in L.A.  This video,"What did you put in that Kiss,"   features me on the sax. I highly recommend Adam for your studio mixing needs!

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