I'm starting grad school at University of Washington this Fall!  I'm looking forward to many new and exciting things!  Masters in Jazz studies with focus on improvisation.

My band HIGH CEILING just released their third album "EASY".  Lots of great reviews and comments!  Check it out HERE

My good friend and stellar vocalist Lavon Hardison was kind enough to include me on her latest album.  Recorded with David Joyner, Osama Afifi, Jeff Busch at David Lange Studios

"The gorgeous flute of Schrandt and the cool rhythm section set up the wonderful and captivating vocals of Hardison." -Travis Rogers Jr. The Jazz Owl   read more HERE 

Lavon Hardison's  album," Come Together".  Available HERE 

Just joined another project I've been wanting to do! 


The Olympia Jazz Tentette A 10-piece ensemble focusing on jazz music of the mid-50's to mid-60's.  Performing the works of Thlonious Monk, Charles Mingus, Horace Silver, and a mix of cool jazz, soul, hard bop, classics and new works.  The Tentette features many arrangements by the wonderful Syd Potter. 

Check out the calendar to find us playing soon!